Hajipur Tourism

Hajipur, known for its temples is the headquarters of Vaishali region of Bihar, a northern state of the country acknowledged for bananas production. It is situated at a distance of 10 Kms from state capital Patna and is linked to the city by Mahatma Gandhi Setu which is one of the world’s longest bridges. Hajipur enjoys the privilege of being situated in close proximity to Patna and hence it is the second most rapid developing urban subsequent to Patna and is drawing many people to the city because of the overwhelming opportunities available both in terms of urbanization and employment generation. The city houses numerous temples with each temple depicting its individual tale and distinguishing features that have fascinated tourists be it enthusiastic disciple or architecture freaks.

Brief History of Hajipur

Hajipur TourismThe town is acknowledged by the name of Hajipur as it was established by a King of Bengal named Haji Ilyas Shah who ruled from 1345 to 1358 A.D. The Jami Masjid, a mosque located inside the fort was built by the king in Hajipur. Hajipur figures evidently as a place of fight between Akbar and his defiant Afghan council of Bengal. Today it stands as one of the fastest delivering regions of Bihar and has all the avenues required for future growth. Click here

Best Time to Visit Hajipur

What adds to the authentic charisma of Hajipur is the elegance of the Ganges river adjoining it in the south and Narayani and Gandak rivers in the west. The place is renowned for delightful fruits like licchies and bananas.The place is surrounded by rivers enjoys moderate climate. You can plan the trip between October to March when the climate remains relatively cool. Spend wonderful time soaking in many delights of the city.

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Tourist Destinations in Hajipur

What attract tourists from all over the globe is the riches of splendid temples, that the city tourism takes mammoth pride in it. The well-known attractions appeal visiting in city are Ramchaura Mandir, Kaun Haara Ghat, Nepali Mandir, Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Shri Maha Prabhuji's Baithakji at Helabazar, Sonepur Fair, Vaishali Mahotsava and many others.

Nepali Mandir : West of Hajipur, on the convergence of the Gangas and the Gandak one can find this exceptional Shaivite temple. The temple was built by Mathabar Singh Thapa who was one of the military commanding officer of Nepal in the 18th century. The holy place brings in bright pagoda-style structural design of the Himalayan Empire to the plains of the Ganga. This place of worship is constructed largely of wood. An additional distinguishing characteristic of this shrine is its superior wooden figurine, which includes munificent erotic sights. Together in style and finish, principally pinched in from the Himalayan fashion of design and construction, the Nepali Temple at Hajipur remains relatively outstanding and matchless.

Tourist places in Hajipur

Ramchaura Mandir : This holy place is dedicated to Lord Rama who is said to have visited this place on his way to Janakpur. It contains the footstep of Lord Rama imprinted on the ground. It is said that Lord Rama had his initial head shaving ritual in Hajipur. The place observes immense merriment during the celebration of Sri Rama Navami, and is followed by a fair. A well-known place of worship called Budi Maai is located in Ismailpur village of Hajipur. Mahadev Math in Rajason is situated on the bank of river Ganges. It is also a famous place of worship.

Kaun Haara Ghat : It is regarded as one of the chief ghats on Ganga-Gandak confluence, where worship and cremation has been carried out from several centuries. This ghat has derived its name from a prehistoric tale. One can find portrayal of the tale at Hajipur railway station where there is depiction of fighting between Gaja Graah as the dome which has become an insignia for the city.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu : The Mahatma Gandhi Setu or bridge is the most significant connection linking north and south Bihar. It has been constructed over the river Ganga close to village Jadhua and unites Hajipur to Patna. This is one of longest river bridge with a length of 6.75 km. The four lanes RCC bridge was thrown open for transportation in the year 1982. Travelers get a beguiling experience and an enriching sight of abundant green banana cultivation by the side of the bridge.

Pataleshwar Mandir : The holy place of Pateleshwar is one of the stunning speculate in the city of Hajipur and is devoted to the Lord of Gods, Lord Shiva. It is situated at Jadhua road. The subsistence of the place of worship has been known since times immemorial. During Shivratri, the shrine is adorned appealingly and devotees make contributions and pray for annihilation of harms from their lives.

Bateshwarnath Nath Temple : The holy shrine of Bateshwar Nath is devoted to Lord Shiva and is the ancient temple of the State. It is found in the east direction of the city. The subsistence of this holy place dates back to the Mughal era. The sanctuary is supposed to have appeared into scene from the centre of a thousand year old banyan tree and several consider that the holy shrine is self-constructed.

As a consequence, huge numbers of disciples are attracted to the holy place. The temple plunges into festivity in the month of February during the celebration of Basant Panchami along with a sparkling month long fair prearranged on Mahashivratri. The holy shrine can be visited for tranquility of mind and for pious gratification.

Sonepur Fair : Sonepur is a tiny place located opposite Hajipur where fortnight long cattle fair is conducted every year in the month of October/November. Government Department of Rural Development, Department of Agriculture etc. arrange guidance and exhibitions for the farmers coming from various places. The tourists can reside in hotels at Hajipur or they can rent magnificence Swiss cottages put up on sand dunes at the side of river Gandak. The pavilion and cottages are presented by State Tourism division only for the duration of fair.

How to Reach Hajipur ?

The nearest airport to the city of Hajipur is Patna Airport which is situation about 21 kilometers from the city. There are numerous buses, autos and private transport that can be hired to reach Hajipur.The city is the headquarters of East Central Railway Zone. The city is well connected by train to Muzaffarpur, Chhapra, and Barauni. Almost all trains travelling in this route halt in the city. The city is well connected by the national and the state highways. Some of the main highways are National Highway 19 (NH19) , National Highway 77 (NH 77), National Highway 103 (NH 103).

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