Food in Hajipur

The cuisine of Hajipur is known for its aroma and taste. The staple food of the city comprise of wheat and rice. In addition, vegetables are included in loads and cooked in an assortment of habits. The usual meal consists of lentil soup (dal) served with rice (bhat), roti, vegetable curry and pickle. Usually Mustard oil has been the chief food preparation medium. “Khichdi”, the potage of rice and lentils, seasoned with authentic spices is dished up with numerous side dishes like Yogurt, chutney, pickles, papads, ghee and chokha (boiled pureed potatoes and cooked with sliced onions, green chillies) make up the lunch for the majority of people especially on holidays.

Hajipur Cuisine

The fresh sprouts sopping in water and dished with choora, bhunja and makhana is a like dish among the people. Another much loved dish is 'jhal moori' made of puffed rice with sprouts and spicing items. People of city deem assortment to be the zing of life. So they flavor varieties of vegetables everyday to be had along the main dish. Dairy products are had regularly all through the year, with universal foods including Yoghurt known as Dahi and Buttermilk known as Mattha. One of the extremely famed dishes is sattu powdered chick pea, which is sipped and munched in the form of ‘litti’ and form the most favored dish in the whole region.

Special Dishes of Hajipur

Non vegetarian dishes in Hajipur are known for their aromatic taste. The unique flavor of non vegetarian dishes will certainly match the choices of your taste buds. In the past, red meat was eaten with roti, paratha or boiled rice. Now days the meat is rolled in paratha which is called Behari Kebab rolls.If you are on a tour to the city of Hajipur, though tough to resist, but strive not to seal your belly with main course dishes itself. Leave room for a few awfully mouth-watering sweet dishes. The sweets of the region are dry and not soaked in sugar syrups. Most renowned of them are the motichoor ladoo, kala jamun, kesaria peda, parwal ki mithai and chena murki. If you have a craving for wet sweet dishes, you don't have to get dissatisfied, there is a sweet called 'khaja', deep fried flaky pie dipped in sugar syrup and having a crunchy texture, that will please your thirst.

Restaurants in Hjaipur

The city houses some popular restaurants like Fun n Food, Anamika, Family Choice, Kaveri, etc which serve authentic cuisine of the city and do not forget to flavor the bananas for which the city is widely known.

Dream Land Restaurant
Address: Jauhari Bazar, Purani Kandakpur Road, Hajipur Ho, Hajipur - 844101
Phone No:+(91)-9097333335, 9852862235

Anamika Hotel
Address:Paswan Chowk, M G Setu Road, Hajipur Ho, Hajipur - 844101
Phone No:06224-272774, +(91)-9234335561

Paras Awasiye Hotel
Address:Station Road, Hajipur Ho, Hajipur - 844101

Caterers in Hajipur

The caterers in Hajipur offer the best professional catering services to all kinds of events like weddings, engagements, formal dinners, anniversaries, birthday party, theme parties, box lunches, private parties, etc. The caterers make sure to use first-rate ingredients to offer the consumers with first class foodie experience that will put down your tang zinging for delight. They serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

Ananya Cook & Caterer
Address:Near Rudra Shakti Mandir, Anjanpir Chowk, Hajipur Ho, Hajipur - 844101
Phone Number:+(91)-9835084642

Om Halwai
Address:H N-303, Next To Prem Nagar, Amit Vihar, D Blk, Yadav Property Dealer Wali Gali, Behta, Saboli Rd, Gali No-19, Hajipur HO, Hajipur - 844101
Phone Number:+(91)-9350931843, 9599626114

Swastik Cook Center
Address: Prem Market, Near Rcm Bazar, Kudri Road, Hajipur HO, Hajipur - 844101
Phone Number:+(91)-9835452355

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