Economy in Hajipur

The city of Hajipur has seen surplus products of food grains and other agrarian products. This happened due to diversification in crop growing and the boost in agricultural yield due to enhanced technological and methodical procedured adopted by the farmers in the region. Hajipur is positioned on the extremely rich and productive Gangetic Plains, is one amongst the major producer of vegetables and fruits. Banana, litchi, mango, guava, wheat and maize are the foremost farming products of the district. Hajipur has a fine prospective for fish farming and shrimp farming which fetch sky-scraping worth in global markets.
Hajipur Economy

However the advantage lies in the implementation of infrastructural facilities and technology for the progress of this sector. The city has a sturdy prospective to nurture as a trade hub for the district. The Mahatma Gandhi Setu above the Holy Ganges is the mere connection linking Hajipur to the state capital, Patna. Just off the national highway, as one turns gets into Hajipur cartloads of bananas lined on the streets welcome the guests to the city. The recent food processing policy which offers a sizable subsidy to the food based industries has fascinated quite a number of units to the city like Pepsi and Britannia.

Agriculture in Hajipur

An Agri Export Zone has been recognized by the Government of India for the export of litchis in the litchi growing district. The soaring farming yield of this region can be further improved to craft the agricultural industry more lucrative for the cultivators. Agri Clinics and Agri Business Centers are envisaged to present professional guidance and services to farmers on diverse technology which would augment efficiency of crops and guarantee improved income to cultivators.

Argiculture in Hajipur

The Agricultural Technology Management Agency center in Hajipur is an assisting organization for the agricultural entrepreneurs functioning in field of business. The services provided by the organization are Cropping techniques, implementation of technology for increasing yield and efficiency, effective marketing policies, Soil test services and right prescription of fertilizer, promoting the use of organic fertilizer, assistance in packaging products, providing updated weather report, crop insurance.

Industrial Economy in Hajipur

The competitive advantage of the city lies in its bulky, knowledgeable outsized labor force, good connectivity and budding of the city as a foremost business and trade hub for the district. Hajipur Industrial Area is an imperative manufacturing center in the northern Bihar. Many organizations are focusing on Hajipur as a probable center for manufacturing activities. The city of Hajipur enjoys the lead of being positioned in immediacy to the state capital Patna thus providing escalating prospects for the development of industrial sector.

Industrial Economy in Hajipur

With the setting up of three industrial areas in Hajipur, industrialized units have become one of the precedence sectors in the wealth of the region. The two technical establishments set up in the city are Central Institute of Plastic Engineering Technology (CIPET) and National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER). The position of these teaching establishments will unquestionably append to the manufacturing and business expansion of not only the region but also that of the entire state. The industrial units in the region vary from- pharmaceutical and plastic manufacturing, food processing units like Britannia, poultry feed, packing materials and so on.

The most healthy service divisions in Hajipur at present are construction, business and hospitality and communal management sectors. This possibly is endorsed to the fact that Hajipur Industrial Estate has quite a lot of forthcoming manufacturing business which engage the construction of manufacturing sites and shelter camp, which consecutively result in the propagation of additional sustenance services like business and hospitality.

Augmented demand for primary and secondary processed foods, the superior and wide-ranging farming efficiency of Vaishali-Hajipur region and its close nearness to huge markets and several other rationale, make it an apt choice for the development of a Multi-Product Food Park. Further there are lots of forthcoming development plans from private and public sectors with three new over bridges linking with Patna making it one of the best ever growing municipality of the country.

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