About Hajipur

Hajipur is the headquarters of Vaishali District in Bihar which executes its functions under the Patna Administration Division. From 1869 to 2002 Hajipur had Nagar Panchayat as the executive unit which later developed into the metropolis in the year 2002 and is administered by a Hajipur Municipal Corporation. The city located 10 kms from the capital city Patna and is spread across an area of 19.64sq. km. As per the 2011 census the city has a populace of 147,126. The city of Hajipur is bordered by the River Gandak also known as Narayani river in the west and sacred River Ganga in the south. The Government of Bihar is preparing a road map for building Greater Patna which will include
parts of Hajipur. Hajipur takes pride in having the longest river bridge in Asia, the Mahatma Gandhi Setu which connects Hajipur to Patna.

Hajipur: Past and Present

Hajipur, a tinsel town in the district of Vaishali dates back to the periods of 2-3rd century B.C. It is also regarded as the birth place of Lord Mahavira. With the vestiges of the distinctive Ashok Pillar belonging to the Mauryan Periods and other recollection of Lord Buddha tells a story of its glorious past. With the dawn of time it has still kept its prosperous inheritance and has positioned itself in the international map for being a well-known region in the Buddhist trail.

About Hajipur

The competitive advantage of the city lies in its skilled labor force, superior connectivity and industrial prospects. Hajipur has prospered a lot due to its proximity to Patna city which is barely 10 km from the town. Hajipur Industrial Area is a developing business hub in the northern part of the state. Numerous companies ranging from big to small have laid their focus on the city as a future destination for manufacturing units. Britannia has its baking unit in this part of Bihar. The city also enjoys the privilege of being sited on the Gangetic Plains which is exceedingly fertile, with the chief crops in this area being maize. A swiftly emergent satellite community of Patna, about to be incorporated as Greater Patna, the city has become the learning hub of the state housing two Central Government institutes, namely Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology (C.I.P.E.T.) and NIPER. Read More.......

Geography and Climate of Hajipur

Hajipur is located at 25.68° North 85.22° East and has an average elevation of 46 metres (150 ft). The farmers in the town enjoy the advantage of being the most fertile land because of presence of alluvial soil brought down by the river Ganges and Gandak. The soil texture of this land is mostly alluvial and hence farmers make profitable use of this superiority of soil to cultivate vegetables, fruits etc. Though mango, litchi, sugarcane are grown in the area but Hajipur is more famous for the cultivation of banana which are exported to far flung areas. Read More.......

Economy of Hajipur

Valuable informations on HajipurWith service sector dominating the economical scenario of Hajipur agriculture too contribute a lot in making the region prosper. Going by the data while service sector accounts for for 55%, agriculture sector is not far behind by contributing 35% in the economy of the town. There are several upcoming industrial areas in Hajipur, the most important being the Hajipur Industrial Estate recognized by Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority. Incredibly superior network of rail, road and stream transport subsist in the city linking it with added parts of district as well as state and country.
Hajipur is famous for its banana cultivation which are grown in abundance by the farmers of the area. These bananas are of high quality and are exported to various parts of the country. The region witnesses bumber production and sale of chiniya and malbhog breeds of ripe banana during festive season when there is great demand for these varieties. Being located at distance of 10 km from Patna, bananas of Hajipur in bulk are supplied to the state capital which is a major consumer of this fruit in the region. Read More.......

Cuisines of Hajipur

The cuisine of Hajipur is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist persuade of the region which has a manifestation of the kingdoms that once existed in the region. The city is known for its rich cuisines some of which are Litti Chokra- A stuffed preparation made of wheat flour with the right blend of spices and the filling mostly includes egg-plant or tomato smoked to relish the distinguishing flavor. The other delicacies are Anarsa-a rice flour shell filled with condensed milk, Dahi Chura Chini-the fusion of curd, beaten rice and sugar, Maner Ka Laddoo- the most relished and aromatic dessert prepared with chickpea flour and sugar syrup along with rich dry fruits.

Places of Interest in Hajipur

More about Hajipur

Hajipur is a pilgrim city with many temples and being on the bank of the Holy Ganges the city attracts more tourists all round the year. Some of the prominent tourist places in city are Ramchaura Mandir, Kaun Haara Ghat- A symbol of the city, Nepali Mandir, Mahatma Gandhi Setu-Asia’s longest bridge connecting Hajipur with Patna. Apart from these there are many other religions destinations and picnic spots located in and around Hajipur where you can visit for a change. Read More.......

Transportation in Hajipur

Hajipur is effortlessly reachable through road and train. Hajipur is located ten kilometers from Patna and can be simply contacted by hiring an auto. Hajipur being the headquarters of East Central Railways has three rail lines connecting Muzaffarpur, Chhapra, and Barauni. The airport nearest to the city is the Patna Airport which is 21 km distance from Hajipur. Patna airport is well linked through road. Buses, taxis, auto are available to Hajipur all round the day. The city has a well developed road network linking the city with the state capital Patna. The city is also well connected to Muzaffarpur, Raxaul, Goraul, Motihari, Bettiah, Samastipur, Chhapra, Siwan, and Siliguri. The major highways linking the city are National Highway 19 joining Ghazipur city in Uttar Pradesh. National Highway 77 connecting Hajipur to Sonbarsa the Nepal border. National Highway 103 begins in Hajipur. Read More.......

Fair and Festivals in Hajipur

Just like other parts of the country Holy, Diwali, Dusshera , Id are main festival of the town. But there is special significance of Chhath Puja which is celebrated week afterr Diwali. In this ancient Hindu festival both men and women pray for the prosperity. The festival is dedicated to the Sun God, Surya and Chhathi Maiya. There is a special significance of this festival in which includes fasting, holy bathing, standing in water and offering prashad (prayer offerings) and arghya to the setting and rising sun.
Know about Hajipur

Sonepur cattle fair takes place every year during the month of November in Sonepur located near to Hajipur. The main fair is held on Karthik Poornima in the month of November on the convergence of river Ganges and Gandak. The city creates a center of attention to copious traders from all over the globe to put their cattle for sale. This is claimed to be the largest cattle fair in the Asian continent.

Hajipur at a glance

State: Bihar
Metropolitan Area: 19.64 sq. km.
District: Vaishali
Languages spoken: Hindi, English, Bajjika, Bhojpuri
Altitude: 151 ft above sea level
Winter temperature: 6° C - 27° C
Summer temperature: 24° C - 41° C
Best time to visit: October to March
STD Code: 06224
Major Tourist Attractions: Maha Kaleshwar Mandir, Ramchaura Mandir, Kaun Haara Ghat, Pataleshwar Mandir, Bateshwarnath Nath Temple, Nepali Mandir, Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Shri Maha Prabhuji's Baithakji at Helabazar, Hajipur
Major festivals: Diwali, Ram Navami, Dussehra, Basant Panchimi
Major fairs: Sonepur Fair, Vaishali Mahotsava

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